About Us


A.A. ATTARWALA & CO. PVT. LTD has become a world-renowned name in the perfume industry. As the legacy continues their popular in-house brand aco perfumes has marked its name in the personal care industry. Perfumes, body sprays, deodorants, oils, scents and incense sticks have been under making over the past 5 decades. Our vision is to lead the world by capturing sensations with our wide range of fragrances. We are on a mission to create premium quality fragrance related products. We bring innovation to the Indian market and we are the 1st company to launch spray perfumes in India. We additionally pride ourselves on never m compromising on quality and being the main specialist of perfumes. Our tagline "NEVER GO UNNOTICED" resonates with our ideology.

ACO PERFUMES received "The International Award For Commercial Prestige" in Madrid, Spain in 1992. Further expanding on our rich legacy and enhancing our reputation of having world-class perfume crafters.